To My Teacher

I have always been meticulous about keeping my sewing room neat and organized, but something has happened over the last 10 years while taking care of my parents.  I attempted to do some sewing yesterday for the first time in years, and when I stepped into the room I couldn’t even see my sewing machine.  The room is filled with boxes.  After my mother died, I put all the boxes of her sewing things in my sewing room, and haven’t touched them since.  The time has now come to go through those boxes and eliminate duplicates and things that I will never use.

This is going to be a difficult task.  My mother taught me to sew when I was 9 years old.  My first project was a purple moomoo, and my mother went on to teach me how to make everything from underwear to tailored suits.  She saved scraps of everything she made, and stored all her notions in containers that were uniquely my mom.  Each box contains a memory of my mother, but they are the best of memories.

Thank you, Mom.


2 Responses to “To My Teacher”

  1. lakaribane Says:

    Wow, I read you PR profile but I didn’t even stop to think over the “I haven’t sewn in years”.

    Welcome back and welcome to the blogosphere! I’m a new sewing blogger too and I reach out to all the other newbies, for moral support!

    This was a very touching post. I guess you already know that you’ll have to take a box of kleenex with you in there, right? Maybe you could do a memory board with fabric and trim scraps and pix of your mom sewing or something. So she can be there with you while you create.

    Have fun!

    • thesewingjournal Says:

      Thank you for the suggestion. That is a great idea. My mother will always be with me in my sewing room. It will be nice to have a reminder.

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