Edited July 13, 2009

I wanted to let everyone know that I heard from Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics about my post. She generously resolved this issue, and explained the cost of the swatches to me. In case anyone else has misunderstood, the cost of the swatch covers the shipping. I also wanted to make clear that I love the knit prints that I received.

Although the knits were too sheer for the dresses I wanted to make, they are a great weight for chemo hats, so I think it will be put to that purpose. The cardigan Sewingsue suggested is a great idea if anyone else has sheer knit.

I received my fabric orders from Gorgeous Fabrics and Fabric.com today. I am very disappointed with some of the fabrics I received from Gorgeous Fabrics. They did not live up to the descriptions given on the web site.

This is the description given of the fabric shown on the left.

Oh. My. Goodness! Can I tell you how much I adore this gorgeous jersey? It’s lightweight, but not see-through, and it is perfect for tops, dresses or loungewear (mmm, jammies)! It will work up beautifully into a dress with New Look 6823. Or make a great top using Onion Empire Top. You’ll look like a goddess!

Not see-through? Dress-weight? I would not even wear this for a nightgown. I can see the color of my skin through this fabric.

This is the description of the fabric on the right.

I love this jersey! It’s a fantastic shade that will work perfectly for fall! It will work up beautifully into a dress with New Look 6823. Or make a great wardrobe with Vogue 8462. Perfect!

I would not make this fabric into a dress, but a wardrobe! No way you would see me in see-through pants.

I am telling you this because Gorgeous Fabrics does not accept returns. I know that many of you have had great experiences with Gorgeous Fabrics, but I will not order from them again unless I get a swatch. The descriptions are not accurate.

On the other hand, the fabric I received from Fabric.com was exactly as described, half the price, has free shipping and returns.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with this sheer fabric? Both are knit and I have 4 yards of each.


Window Shopping

I went to a high-end mall last night. The anchor stores are Nordstoms and Neiman Marcus. First I have to say I love trying on clothes at expensive stores. I wear clothes two sizes smaller than at the chain stores. Great for the ego! I have the same fit issues no matter what the cost, but it would bother me more to spend $200 for a dress and still have to remake it. Sorry there are no pictures…cameras were not welcomed.

I am never going to follow trends again. I haven’t felt good in my clothes since the 1960’s. Now that the retro styles are back, suddenly I look good in clothes again, in spite of the fact that I weight 100 pounds more than I did in the 60’s. I feel like I wasted half my life in ugly clothes. Never again!

I went to the mall to look at construction and fabric used. I felt a silk/wool for the first time. It will be great for Florida winters. I also saw a beautiful silk jersey print on a DVF wrap dress. The front edge of the wrap dress was finished with self-fabric binding. I was surprised how many of the sundresses were lined with batiste…..and all the sundresses were lined. All the unlined jackets had Hong Kong finishes, and the lined jackets had piping in the seam between the facing and lining. Seams were pressed open and serge finished on dresses and blouses. Invisible zippers were used on everything. They basicly just used good construction techniques with really great fabric.

I was amazed at the difference good fabric made in the way a garment looks on the body. Things that I thought I couldn’t wear looked great because of the drape of the fabric. I have been very frugal with my clothing for years, but it was not a good plan. I am definitely going to change my fabric buying habits.

Here are some of the changes I am planning to make as a result of this experience.
1. Buy only good fabric. The expense is worth it.
2. Make more things with princess seams.
3. Make a-line and straight skirts.
4. Make things with a fitted waistline.
5. Make a gathered skirt out of voile and move the gathers to the center, sides almost flat.
6. Make things out of a mid-weight linen fabric. It drapes but has enough body to keep things hidden I don’t want to show.
7. Marry a rich man so that I have the money to buy all that expensive fabric.

I Broke My Fabric Fast

I haven’t bought any fabric all year, except for lining and a gift. This has been fine for working out muslins and making things out of wovens, but the knits in my stash were terrible. I have been looking locally, but I haven’t found anything that I liked in colors that look good on me. Today I finally got to the point that I couldn’t stand it any longer and I went totally crazy.

It all started with this beautiful poly knit from Gorgeous Fabrics. I think I fell in love with the print because of the colors, they fit well into my fall wardrobe direction and I will be able to wear it year-round here in Florida. I ended up ordering 5 different knits, 17 yards total all in colors that I know will look good on me. Thank you Gorgeous Fabrics for the Pantone colors. Then I went over to Fabric.com and ordered 7.5 yards of rayon blend knits. Although I love Fabric.com’s free shipping, colors are a real guessing game without swatches, so I hope what I ordered will work. If not, I am sure I can find someone I know that will look good in the colors.

I am so excited. I now have 7 new fabrics that will really help move my wardrobe into current trends.