Birthday Dress

I went to Hancock Fabrics today to get some patterns as McCall’s patterns are on sale for 88 cents this weekend. Apparently many other people had the same idea, as every pattern that I wanted was sold out in the size that I needed. I wanted to get a dress pattern for a friend that is turning 5 years old next week. I had already purchased some teal silk dupioni to make a dress for her, but when I went through my patterns I found that I no longer had any children’s patterns. I had planned to make a “princess” dress, but her mother reminded me that she does not like to be the center of attention, so the plan has been changed to make this dress.

I will be lengthening the dress, underlining the entire garment to give it body, adding a wider hem, and hopefully add a little sparkle if time allows. I did pre-wash the silk in the washing machine to make it a little softer and reduce the shine of the fabric. Hopefully, I will get started on this tomorrow afternoon.